Meet Phenopups at the Society of Toxicology annual congress in San Francisco ! 11-15 mars 2012

You can meet PhenoPups at the annual congress of the Society of Toxicology in San Francisco. Boris Matrot, scientific advisor of PhenoPups will be glad to present you a study conducted in collaboration with CiToxLAB.

PhenoPups demonstrated its expertise in conducting safety pharmacology investigations in neonates during pre- and postnatal reproductive toxicity studies. PhenoPups innovative devices allow rapid and convenient monitoring of physiological and behioural parameters in neonatal rat pups using a battery of non-invasive tests from as early as PND 1, as demonstrated by these results with CPZ.

Non invasive and automated acquisition of physiological and developmental parameters in rat neonatesEstelle Durand1, François Spezia2, Jorge Gallego1,3, Paul Barrow2, Roy Forster2, Jean-Jacques Legrand2 and Boris Matrot1,3 ; 1 PhenoPups SAS, Evry, France, 2 CiToxLAB France, Evreux, France, 3 UMR676 Inserm Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France.