International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium Meeting in London, December 2012

In the frame of the international effort of the IMPC for standardization of transgenic mice phenotyping, PhenoPups was present at the IMPC meeting held in London. Estelle Durand, CEO of PhenoPups, presented the following communication :

Novel methods for phenotyping respiration in newborn pups. E.Durand1, B.Matrot1,2, J. Gallego1,2 ; 1 PhenoPups SAS, Evry, France, 2 UMR 676 INSERM Université Denis Diderot, Paris, France.

Newborn mice and rats are a suitable model for pediatric research from prematurity to adolescence: they provide suitable models for developing new therapeutic strategies for pediatric disease, in line with US and EC regulations.
However, studies in newborn mice and rats face major difficulties due to the small size of the pups and their sensory and motor immaturity. To assess their development, we have engineered a whole platform adapted to newborn and juvenile rodents.
This platform provides the early assessment of respiratory and related functions in newborn rodents. Furthermore, the consequences of early disorders of breathing on sensorimotor and cognitive development can be assessed using innovative tests well-suited to newborn rodents.